Kornberg Diplomatic Services

Diplomatic Seconds Passports


Kornberg Diplomatic Services provides genuine Diplomatic Passports and Appointments, in itself is a pretty complicated bureaucratic process. Kornberg Diplomatic Services is entrusted with the responsibility of screening the possible applicants carefully. It needs to be expertly, professionally and discretly handled. The quality of our work is confirmed by hundreds of satisfied clients.

Kornberg Diplomatic Services offers legal assistance in applying for citizenship and diplomatic passport for several small countries granting diplomatic passport and appointment to people being able to match the country's criteria. Therefore interactivity is more than necessary to make it happen. The following papers are included:

  • International Diplomatic,
  • Identification Credentials,
  • Diplomatic Identification Card,
  • Official appointment (e.g. honoraryconsulship),
  • Certificate of Appointment of the issuing country (Exequatur),
  • Accreditation by the issuing country Presentation Letter of Appointment.
  • A process consuming time and patience. Not many questions can be answered in a general way and the personal correspondance is of utmost importance. A growing need, almost a necessarity, acquiring a second citizenship, an investment in your future saveguarding life of you and your family. It is our mutual security concern that all communication are done by Email, via Fax and international Postal Companies.

    Several respected UN member countries offers start from $21,000 USD. Obtaining a Diplomatic Passport is possible, a way, 100% legal to be appointed into a diplomatic position with a prestigious diplomatic credentials through reliable and trusted contacts at governmental level in several countries.

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