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we'll help you to the complex issue of a second citizenship by obtaining a diplomatic passport or just another nation's citizenship. Holding ample experience; gained throughout the years of working with the public; We have retained our solid client base also due to our 100% Money Back Guarantee.. Rest assured you need a second citizenship and second passport if your present nationality causes you one of the following problems:

  • -Your present Government levies taxation on your income, assets and capital worldwide!
  • -Allows your present Government to control, limit and register your traveling!
  • -You want to insure your family against unforeseeable misfortunes!
  • -Limiting your freedom to travel and making you a target for terrorists!
  • -Your Nationality limits your investment and entrepreneur abilities and/or your state is politically unstable!
  • -Your present passport has to be renewed or extended more frequently than every ten years or your present passport could be renounced or cancelled by your Government or its Authorized representatives at any time!
  • -You are a citizen of a very unpopular state causing a preconceived or negative attitude towards you!
  • -You want to change the address of your permanent residency!
  • -Forces you and your children to serve in the army!
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    We zijn erg dankbaar voor uw hulp. 
    Our entire family is extremely grateful for the services brought by Kornberg Diplomatic Services. 
    It is just great to have experienced real proffesionals at work. Thanks 
    Wir sind äußerst dankbar für ihre Hilfe. 
    Somos super agradecidos por su ayuda. 
    What a pleasent surprise has been the proffesionality of Kornberg Diplomatic Services.