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Vienna Convention

In the period since World War II, a number of international conventions (i.e. the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations) have been concluded.


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Many countries are in the process of developing or have done so of biometric properties for their passports in order to make sure that the person presenting the passport is its legitimate holder. This in itself restricts personal freedom unnecessarily.

Diplomatic passports, however are issued by the countries for state employees or representatives who serve on long-term (resident) international assignments in other countries, usually two years in duration others have longer lasting validity. Generally Governments do not want anyone roaming freely around shopping on the planet for a passport or citizenship program based on features and benefits of a Diplomatic Passport or Diplomatic Position.

It would rather continue to see producing fruits for them as citizen, forced into a relationship that, by definition and implementation, always benefits only one side - the State! A way to use the states influence is by becoming a temporary diplomat in i.e. South Africa > Click here to go there.

There are perk comming with a diplomatic position, doors open which before never even appeared. It is the missing correctness of the state which lets those doors open for the state and its employees.

Assets need to get out of Government's reach as long as there is time! Governments worlwide like to be in charge of control. To restrict any movement to offshore banking institutions, attorney's office, and trust structure in order to identify the records and funds of their citizens!

One way out of it is a Diplomatic position.

Obtaining a genuine Honorary Consulship and Diplomatic Passport is possible, a 100% legal way to obtain a diplomatic appointment with a prestigious diplomatic passport.

Through our long time reliable and trusted contacts at governmental level, we are able to offer a genuine diplomatic appointment and passport (or any other country's passports listed on this site) from several respected UN member countries starting from just $21,000 USD.

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