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Kornberg Diplomatic Services invites you to take part in the unique payment plan we designed to make the participation in the diplomatic passport program possible.

Kornberg Diplomatic Services is in the unique position to offer this special service and provide the means. We still have to do the Checks of ID and such as requested by the participating States and Organizations, but we offer a helping hand when it comes to financing.

Kornberg Diplomatic Services understands the need to obtain a greater degree of personal freedom, perfectly usable not only for business means. For citizens, independently minded, seeking enhanced freedom issued by the (a) state. Kornberg Diplomatic Services looks forward to hearing from people which would like to have more information. about Diplomatic Passports Programs.

One problem which can come up is financing, so a Payment scheme has been devised to make it easier. So feel free to contact us please. Email us @ (office@diplomaticsecondpassports.com).

Please read careful through this site, the issue is sensitiv not only for you. Positions and titles or diplomatic passports are not an open market.

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Feel free to use E-Mail us at Contact Kornberg Diplomatic Services  or mail us office@diplomaticsecondpassports.com. 

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