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South Africa

The republic of South Africa has much to offer.


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South Africa

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Immunity List

An annual Immunity List is published in the South African Government Gazette in terms of section 7 of the Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges Act.

Unmarried children of such representative or other person, who are under 23 years of age, attending an institution of higher education.

The express approval of the Department of Foreign Affairs, other persons who are not members of some other household, and recognized by the sending State as members of the family forming part of the household.

second passport and diplomatic position options

available Positions:

  • Attach√© USD 100.000
  • Counselor USD 70.000
  • Charge d`Affairs USD 75.000
  • Honorary Consul USD 110.000
  • Trade Commissioner USD 80.000
  • Ambassador at Large USD 95.000
  • Honorary Ambassador USD 80.000
  • Honorary Consul General USD 88.000
  • Ambassador and or Permanent Delegate USD 105.000
  • Adviser to the permanent representative USD 70.000
  • First Secretary , Second Secretary and Third Secretary USD 80.000
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