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Czech Residency/Citizenship Program is not a diplomatic passport offer, it can be extendet as such (please inquire) but it has pretty simple rules and does not require to accumulate a certain amount of points like Canadian or Australian Residence Program.

When going through immigration procedures to Canada or Australia, an applicant is required to accumulate a certain amount of points (your age, a speciality, education, knowledge of language, the experience, etc. is estimated).

Visa-free travel to the EU countries; easy visa obtainment to Canada and the US. Being a Czech Resident, carrying a Czech passport obtaining visas to other countries is not longer problematic. Getting visas is much simpler with the Czech passport than with say Russian or Albanian passports.

The offer: Citizenship & Passport in 45 days - US $10 250!

The Czech Republic has joined European Union in May, 2004, which has made it the most attractive and legal cost-effective way to become a EU citizen. Being a Czech resident or a Czech Citizen, you can now cross borders of other EU states without visas, leave and work in any country which is a member of the European Union.

The country is favorably located at the heart of Europe and there is no need to cross an ocean, to find yourself in any European country full of tremendous cultural and shopping possibilities. Czech Republic provides high level of life for its citizens, low prices for food and clothes, promptly developing market economy and a precise rate on reforms. Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment in Europe. Free medical service and education, growing economy, strong currency, extremely cheap real estate - all this makes Czech Republic very attractive country for many people.


Fast document processing and low cost make this country the most accessible way to immigrate to European Union. During the processing of your documents you can stay in Czech Republic.


The whole process of acquiring a Czech Residency takes weeks not months and requires less paperwork than in some other EU countries like Spain or Germany.