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With an area of 8,512,000 square kilometers (3.3 million square miles).

Equipped with a coastline of 7,250 kilometers (4,500 miles) of warm, white beaches and a population of 164 million, Brazil is the world’s fifth largest nation in terms of area and population.

Brazil has thirteen metropolitan areas with a population of over one million of which São Paulo is the largest with 10 million residents and Rio de Janeiro second with 5.6 million.

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After the monarchy was abolished, Brazil's first Constitution under the Republic (1891) established a presidential system and three independent powers: Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary. Brazil is a federal republic composed of 26 States and one Federal District where Brasília, the capital of the country, is situated. For prices look here!

Mercosur contains today a free trade area, as well as a common external tariff. They form the world’s second largest customs union, after the European Union. Today, the joint population of Mercosul amount to 200 million inhabitants. Its GDP is around US$ 1 trillion, and its GDP per capita above US$ 4,000. The Brazilian market is 70% of Mercosur. Brazilian trade (exports and imports) within Mercosur accounts for 15% of Brazil’s international trade.

Its Economy with a GDP of US$ 650 billion in 1999, the Brazilian economy is dynamic and diversified. Industry accounts for 20% of national production, agriculture for another 20% and the services sector for 60%. It should be noted that, in spite of the economic crisis of 1999, Brazil continued to follow the trade liberalization path that has been a characteristic of the country’s economy in recent years.

Brazil recognizes dual citizenship so individuals who benefit under this program can retain their original citizenship if they so wish. Individuals approved under this program enjoy all rights, privileges and diplomatic protection as full citizens of Brazil, more...