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A diplomatic position from Brazil
Obtaining a permanent residency in Brazil is a straight forward issue just by investing the minimum amount of US$ 50.000, i.e., a house, any other real estate or even by opening a small business, such as a restaurant. Under this new Resolution, a permanent visa allows a foreigner to live and work in Brazil with the purpose of investing his or her own foreign funds in productive activities or investing in existing activities in Brazil.

Local Involvement
Equipped with a coastline of 7,250 kilometers (4,500 miles) of warm, white beaches and a population of 164 million, Brazil is the world’s fifth largest nation in terms of area and population.

Kornberg arranges it, through local contacts, so no need arises to physically deposit $50,000 in an account. There is the posibility to waive the 50 000$ investment and the entire procedure becomes easier. $15,000 USD fee is requiered to make it posible.

Once completed, the Banco Central do Brasil issues a certificate. With that certificate your visa application will be filed in Brazil, approved, issued and sent to any Brazilian Consulate abroad, as per your request, so you can take possesion of your then stamped passport. For prices look here!

Diplomatic second passport and citizenship options brazil

Advantages Compared to other Central America Residency Investor Programs, there is no comparison. Freedom to choose your investment, you can choose your own investment. It could vary a lot, from real estate to new businesses. Most foreigners, usually those who are already purchasing real estate, take advantage.

Usually an applicant to a diplomatic position must now pass some tests. These are multiple-choice questions and written essays in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. The topics include the history of Brazil, politics, law, diplomacy, foreign affairs and so on, covered in separate days and different phases. In the multiple choice tests, every right one you get will be annulled by one you got wrong. So guessing is discouraged.

Unfortunately (or not), there are only so many ambassadorial positions available, and most of the people who become third-tier diplomats will never rise to the ranks of Ambassador. An alternative is the diplomatic position of an Honorary consul, also pretty highly regarded and thus becoming a respected members of a community, part of the elite diplomatic corps and as such come with privileges, protection and perks. To become one, you must be proven competent, technically and politically, build a strong career and beat the odds of having political appointees stealing your foreign Embassy, which unfortunately does happen, albeit not that often. more...

Anyone can become an Honarary Consul? Countries appoint their honorary consuls based on age, experience, political and business connections, integrity, political views and charisma. There’s no election to win.

NOT a permission to commit ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES!

Many mistakenly think that a diplomatic appointment is carte blanche to commit illegal acts and they will be protected from the authorities. Minor offenses such as motoring violations will not lead to the lifting of diplomatic immunity. However more serious cases will result in the revoking of diplomatic immunity and the receiving country may even request the sending country to cancel the appointment of the honorary consul.