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The terms of payment are the as followed: an amount of US$250 for a 2nd passport and US$ 500 for a diplomatic passport have to be send as a proof of will, from then on the funds will be negociated, (we offer a payment plan) the remainder of 70% are due once the order has been completed (45 working days), plus there is an optional USD 5.000 for a 14 (working) day rush procedure. A discount of 7% is also offered on prepaid orders. Kornberg Diplomatic Servicies is aware of the problematic regarding these issues and tries to be as cooperative as possible. After all we give a 100% money back guarantee.

Clearly, responsable people have to apply for the job, or to hold a diplomatic passport or position. It is highly unwise to inquiere in any sense prior to holding documents or title at any embassy or consulate. Embassy staff is mostly ignorant of their superior's doings. A certain form of trust has to be laid upon this kind of transaction. Therefore it is of great importance to read through this site in reference to the program you chose.

Feel free to use E-Mail us at Contact Kornberg Diplomatic Services  or mail us office@diplomaticsecondpassports.com. 

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