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Diplomatic Seconds Passports


Here a few areas of Diplomatic passport programs which are on the Internet net.

Regular passports are issued just like normal ones, a corrupt official simply goes through a regular application process and registers everything him/herself.

The process results in a passport that is fully registered. Illegal passport markets still exists today, the majority being promoted on bulletin boards, or on web sites hosted on free servers, or in the back of some economic and business magazines. This area is also the most dangerous for the consumer.

DIPLOMATIC Passports: The most interesting variation of the white programs is a diplomatic appointment. Obviously, any government has the power to appoint honorary diplomats and issue them a diplomatic passport. Rarely Government will arrange a naturalization certificate, nevertheless it usually falls into the gray area.

Grey Area or National Interest, most countries in the world, even first world countries, are more than willing to grant instant citizenship through fully legal means if it is in their national interest that they do so.

Going through this route, just identify and influence the decision makers and you're on your way!

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Ghosting Passports: Basically a theft of identity from someone else. An application for a passport is sent off and chances are that a brand new passport arrives in the mail. Bureaucrats in some countries often have the power to grant citizenship in exchange for a favor or a cash payment.


Second citizenship with a diplomatic passport