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Diplomatic Positions and 2nd Citizenships

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They are mainly two types of diplomats.

the 2 types of diplomatic position is usually found in all countries, not only in South Africa. In South africa there is the most proffesional diplomatic core on the continent. The south african diplomacy is very influencial not only in Africa.

The career diplomat: These are the people which studied diplomacy, public relation, international relation, laws. They got a job with the government as a diplomat and will have to represent South Africa overseas.

Plus the temporary diplomat: By this, I mean anyone holder of a diplomatic passport due to his functions. For instance, all the premier in SA has diplomatic passport, the head of most departments, trade chamber, and top South African companies.

You can go to another country for a period of 5 years and conduct diplomatic work during the period. This will entitle you to a diplomatic passport valid for the set period. Both diplomatic classes include via diplomatic privileges to family members.

Diplomatic passport holders often even receive a waiver on visa fees. Their entire families can get diplomatic travel documents as well.

The Diplomatic Immunities and Privilges Act you can view here

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