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Republic of Guyana

Fast procedure:
It takes only 5-6 weeks to obtain Guyana citizenship including filing in the Immigration Registry.

Similar offers (from countries that do not belong to the British Community) start from US $150,000 (Dominica, Costa Rica). Guyana citizenship fees are much cheaper.

Valid thru
Guyana passport is valid for 15 years from the date of issue. plus 10 year multiple entry visa and settlement visa to the UK are possible now to Guyana passport holders. Change the name when applying for Guyana citizenship.

Positions available:

  • Attach√© USD 65.000
  • Counselor USD 50.000
  • Honorary Consul USD 55.000
  • Charge d`Affairs USD 65.000
  • Trade Commissioner USD 30.000
  • Honorary Ambassador USD 50.000
  • Ambassador at Large USD 55.000
  • Honorary Consul General USD 75.000
  • Ambassador and or Permanent Delegate USD 85.000
  • Adviser to the permanent representative USD 50.000
  • First Secretary, Second Secretary and Third Secretary USD 50.000

  • second passport and citizenship options