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Diplomatic Positions and 2nd Citizenships

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Diplomatic passport are generally delivered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or whatever is the name of the government department in charge of the relations of a given country with other countries, international organizations, etc). It has also the responsibilities of that country’s diplomatic representations abroad such as embassies, consulates, offices, etc.

Diplomatic passports are generally issued to the ranking personnel of a diplomatic representation such as Ambassadors, Chargé d’Affaires, Secretaries (the diplomatic function, not the clerical profession) Attachés, Conseillers and the like, who have full diplomatic immunity. This generally applies to members of their households as well.

Through us you geting your diplomatic position or 2nd citizenship through a licensed attorney in a western jurisdiction, best not to consider getting a passport from a country that isn’t listed as being available to the general public.

It is a very enviable position, certainly, and is widely known to be so. Moreover, while immunity is probably the most well known benefit of diplomatic status, it is by no means, the only one. Diplomats are issued license plates that immediately identify their special position, and label them as “untouchables” to the local police department.

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