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Vienna Convention

All thanks to the before mentioned convention.


Postitions and prices for Argentina

Strong Points

  • Name change is available at no extra charge;
  • Extra
  • National ID card and driving license included!

    EU Membership

  • Citizenship in Spain (EU member)!

  • Extra
  • Fast passport acquisition – no questions asked!
  • Extra
  • Dual nationality is well possible, no country shall be notified!
  • -Police clearance certificate can be issued, allowing you to apply for residency elsewhere;
  • -No need to travel to the country or reside there – Passport can be picked up at the Embassy;
  • -No need for Visas to travel to banking centers: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong;
  • -No need for Visas to travel to all 15 EU countries, and 15 Shengen member countries, including the United Kingdom;
  • Positions available:

  • Attaché USD 85.000
  • Counselor USD 60.000
  • Charge d`Affairs USD 75.000
  • Honorary Consul USD 65.000
  • Trade Commissioner USD 40.000
  • Ambassador at Large USD 65.000
  • Honorary Ambassador USD 70.000
  • Honorary Consul General USD 85.000
  • Adviser to the permanent representative USD 60.000
  • Ambassador and or Permanent Delegate USD 95.000
  • First Secretary , Second Secretary and Third Secretary USD 60.000

  • second passport and citizenship options