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Kornberg Diplomatic Services resides in Estonia A. H. Tammsaare pst 8, Pärnu, Estonia, (+3725)6042020 Call now

Kornberg Diplomatic Services are intermediates of all offered services and provide only and exclusively genuine material. Checks of ID and such as requested by the participating States and Organizations have to be done at discretion of Kornberg Diplomatic Services alone. We have been checked to and if you wish to see for yourself click here.

Kornberg Diplomatic Services is a result of the need to obtain a greater degree of personal freedom, perfectly usable for business means. For citizens, independently minded, seeking enhanced freedom issued by the (a) state. Kornberg Diplomatic Services looks forward to hearing from people which would like to have more information about Diplomatic Passports and diplomatic positions within or would like to participate in the payment plan?

Several different problems can come up and will be solved by establishing a personal rapport via email. In addition, the safe conveyance of sensitive or even secret information has to be equally protected, since a foreign mission, embassy or consulate is considered foreign property, its premises must be sacrosanct and inviolable. To make good use and for further information, regarding price ranges and country (US$ 21.000,00 to 28.000,00) please Email us @ (office@diplomaticsecondpassports.com).

Please read careful through this site, the issue is sensitiv not only for you. Positions and titles or diplomatic passports are not an open market.

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