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Czech Republic has joined European Union in May, 2004, which has made it the most attractive and legal cost-effective way to become a EU citizen. Being a Czech resident or a Czech Citizen, you can now cross borders of other EU states without visas, leave and work in any country which is a member of the European Union. Providing a high level of life for its citizens, low prices for food and clothes, in a developing market economy and a precise rate on reforms. Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment in Europe. Free medical service and education, growing economy, strong currency, extremely cheap real estate - all this makes Czech Republic very attractive country for many people.

The offer: Citizenship & Passport in 30 days - US $10 250!

Visa-free travel to the EU countries; easy visa obtainment to Canada and the US. Being a Czech Resident, carrying a Czech passport obtaining visas to other countries is not longer problematic. Getting visas is much simpler with the Czech passport than with say Russian or Albanian passports.

Czech Residency/Citizenship Program is not a diplomatic passport offer, it can be extendet as such (please inquire) but it has pretty simple rules and does not require to accumulate a certain amount of points like Canadian or Australian Residence Program. When going through immigration procedures to Canada or Australia, an applicant is required to accumulate a certain amount of points (your age, a speciality, education, knowledge of language, the experience, etc. is estimated).

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