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Inquire for the Argentian 2nd Citizenship options available.


Argentina recognizes dual citizenship, individuals who benefit under this program can retain their original citizenship if they so wish. Individuals approved under this program enjoy all rights, privileges and diplomatic protection as full citizens of Argentina. more...


  • -Police clearance certificate can be issued, allowing you to apply for residency elsewhere;
  • -No need to travel to the country or reside there – Passport can be picked up at the Embassy;
  • -No need for Visas to travel to banking centers: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong;
  • -No need for Visas to travel to all 15 EU countries, and 15 Shengen member countries, including the United Kingdom;

    Positions which are available:

  • Attaché USD 85.000
  • Counselor USD 60.000
  • Charge d`Affairs USD 75.000
  • Honorary Consul USD 65.000
  • Trade Commissioner USD 40.000
  • Ambassador at Large USD 65.000
  • Honorary Ambassador USD 70.000
  • Honorary Consul General USD 85.000
  • Adviser to the permanent representative USD 60.000
  • Ambassador and or Permanent Delegate USD 95.000
  • First Secretary, Second Secretary and Third Secretary USD 60.000

  • Feel free to inquire about 2nd citizenship options.

    Without asking you'd never know.