Kornberg Diplomatic Services

Diplomatic Seconds Passports


All countries offered also offer a second citizenship option. Feel free to inquire.

The diplomatic passport include:

  • International Diplomatic,
  • Identification Credentials,
  • Diplomatic Identification Card,
  • official appointment (e.g. honoraryconsulship),
  • Certificate of Appointment of the issuing country (Exequatur),
  • Accreditation by the issuing country Presentation Letter of Appointment to the host government.
  • The following links hold information in regards to Diplomatic Passports and offer certain information, should it not contain sufficient details for the enquiring person, please inquire via email or fax. Due to mutual security concern all communication has to be done by Email, via Fax and international Postal Companies.

  • Argentina,
  • Brazil,
  • Scotland,
  • Dominica,
  • South Africa,
  • Republic of Guyana,
  • NEW-EU Citizenship & Passport in 30 days-$10250

  • second passport and citizenship options